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Hi, I’m Abdul! I usually go by “Abz” and I’m an artist based in Perth, Western Australia.

Creating stories and characters has been a passion of mine ever since I was a young lad, especially after discovering manga at the age of 13. Upon completing 2 degrees in health sciences, I decided to live a life more authentic to myself, and so in 2015 began to pursue my dream of being a full time artist.

I now create artwork ranging from nostalgic and current fan art to my own original designs, selling my prints at conventions all over Australia or wherever the wind takes me (such as MCM London Comic Con in 2018). I also work on custom commissions for people from around the globe.

In my store, I sell prints, original drawings and paintings, stickers and soon more merch such as pins! A dream of mine is to complete my own graphic novel/comic book and share the stories I’ve created with the world.

Oh and despite my nickname, I sadly do not have abs.

Nice to meet you and welcome!